How good is Mike Scioscia?

So, how good is Mike Scioscia? As a player, I always thought he was the guy you hated if he was on the other team, and loved if he was on your team. As a manager, I think Scioscia may just be the best in the game.

He is the longest-tenured active manager in the American League. The past four seasons, the Angels have the best winning percentage in the game (.583). He also has led the team to a World Series title and four AL West championships.

He must manage a team stacked with guys who can just mash…right? He has a pitching staff full of aces…right? Not exactly. The 2008 Angels were the first team since the 1931 Cardinals to win 100 games without anyone driving in 100 runs, hitting 30 homers or winning 20 games.

Baseball is a numbers game. Everyone loves talking about statistics. The numbers don’t lie! However, when it comes to successfully managing a baseball team, it goes a little deeper than just knowing when to hit and run. You are managing people from different backgrounds. You are managing people with different personalities. Mike Scioscia has proven to be a master at promoting team chemistry.

Mike Scioscia is a hands-on manager who knows his players. He is open with his players and stresses communication. He runs a clubhouse that players want to be a part of. And hey, who can argue with the results? The numbers don’t lie.

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